Monday, May 14, 2007

Other job possibilities...

I interviewed last Thursday for a part-time administrative position that I would be able to do from home. It is for a guy who goes to the church we used to attend down here who has a sweet consulting business. I am really excited about the opportunity because it would be way flexible and pay more than Old Navy ever could. I should hear back tomorrow or Wednesday to know if I get it. Either way, I am okay at Old Navy. I have worked three times now and have learned how to work the register, work the sales floor and handle all the cash at the end of the night. (That's right...I am going to be a "cash handler." I guess that's a big deal.) I imagine tomorrow night I will work the fitting room. =)

I also got a phone call yesterday from the gal who runs the MOPS group I attend. Her church is looking for a "part-time" youth director and she thought of me because she knows I am looking for a part-time job. It was very sweet of her to think of me, but anyone who has ever done youth ministry knows there is no way it can ever really be just part-time. At least, not if you expect authentic relationships to be built and legitimate transformation to take place in students' hearts. I said I would talk to Brent and pray about it. As soon as I hung up the phone I went to Brent and said, "I guess there is a part-time opening at "blank" church for a youth director." Without hesitating for a second, he looked at me and said, "No." We're on the same page about that one. I loved my youth ministry days, but I am not in a place where that is an option again. I want to be a mommy first and foremost. Helping with the spiritual lives of thirty-five 7th-12th graders (though it sounds small after what I'm used to) would seriously compromise that goal....not to mention my or Brent's sanity. =)

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